Our Services

Gearbox Reconditioning

All our reconditioned gearboxes are stripped to their bare components, carefully cleaned and inspected.  The casings are aqua blasted and checked for cracks etc to provide a clean solid base to build from.  The internals are thoroughly cleaned then inspected for damage and wear.  Any worn, defective or out of tolerance parts are replaced. Once this is done the gearbox is built to manufacturers specifications and tolerances. New top quality bearings and seals used throughout.
All gearboxes are supplied without oil and will need filling with the appropriate quantity and specification of oil.
We are motorsports specialists who can offer custom packages including; 
The fitting of limited slip differentials, close ratio clusters, final drive ratio changes and bell housing adaptions I.E. BE onto TU conversions 

Engine Rebuilds

As a motorsport preparation business our engines are built with motorsport in mind, not just bolted together

We build very high end engines, either group N blue printed or open class massive power units, such as our 1400cc 16v producing towards 200bhp


Event Servicing

Do you need support and servicing provided on the big day? Please contact us.

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